Author Topic: Anti-VM z dílny autorů Lockyho  (Read 484 times)


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Anti-VM z dílny autorů Lockyho
« on: July 31, 2016, 02:09:15 AM »

   This is the Locky anti-VM code from 21 June 2016 (sample SHA1 25f8f920f946887e0fa86ea46842f8e3f4506f53)
   Some VM products may behave significantly differently to a real system
   with regards to timing of code execution.
   GetProcessHeap() may take significantly longer in a VM than a real env.
   Virtualised TSCs can also be problematic.
   Multiple processor cores assigned to a VM may also worsen this problem.

BOOL passVMCheck()
   unsigned __int64 tsc1;
   unsigned __int64 tsc2;
   unsigned __int64 tsc3;
   int i = 0;
    // Try this 10 times in case of small fluctuations
   for (i = 0; i < 10; i++)
      tsc1 = __rdtsc();
      // Waste some cycles - should be faster than CloseHandle on bare metal
      tsc2 = __rdtsc();
      // Waste some cycles - slightly longer than GetProcessHeap() on bare metal
      tsc3 = __rdtsc();
      // Did it take at least 10 times more CPU cycles to perform CloseHandle than it took to perform GetProcessHeap()?
      if ( ( LODWORD(tsc3) - LODWORD(tsc2) ) / ( LODWORD(tsc2) - LODWORD(tsc1) ) >= 10)
         return TRUE;
    // We consistently saw a small ratio of difference between GetProcessHeap and CloseHandle execution times
    // so we're probably in a VM!
   return FALSE;

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Re: Anti-VM z dílny autorů Lockyho
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2016, 08:03:09 AM »
I s nativnim RDTSC je problem, ze nekdy vraci podivny nebo nepredvidatelny hodnoty. Nejspis je to kvuli hyperthreadingu a multicore, uz si presne nevzpominam. Pokud ale malware vi, ze nekdy muze chybne detekovat host jako VM, tak to nemusi delat problemy.


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